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Setting Dietary Fat Recommendations

This presentation discusses the rationale behind setting dietary fat intake recommendations for a population.  These slides cover why recommendations are needed, examples of dietary fat recommendations from different jurisdictions and the science behind setting fat recommendations with reducing chronic disease

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Lipoprotein Metabolism – 3D Animated Overviews

These three short videos give a good overview and some nice 3D animations of lipoproteins and their metabolism.  They were forward to me by a student in 5BBB0223 – Metabolism (Leigh Chapman) following my lectures this week on Lipid and

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Microsoft Excel Tutorials – Data and Calculations Commonly Used in Nutrition Research & Education

I have uploaded 3 tutorials for Year 1 Nutrition and Dietetics student at King’s College London illustrating how to use Microsoft Excel with three practical data sets similar to which might be encountered during their course (e.g. laboratory practicals, dissertation

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WHO BMI Database Web App

I have uploaded a quick introduction to the WHO BMI Database for students in MSX204 – Nutrition and Health for Medical Students at King’s College London who are completing their laboratory practicals reports on anthropometry data collection and body composition.

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