Lipoprotein Metabolism – 3D Animated Overviews

These three short videos give a good overview and some nice 3D animations of lipoproteins and their metabolism.  They were forward to me by a student in 5BBB0223 – Metabolism (Leigh Chapman) following my lectures this week on Lipid and Lipoprotein Metabolism.  After some digging I believe I found the original source of the videos and they freely available for download here for later offline viewing.  The “New Concepts” video gives a good 3D example of how the macrophage and lipoproteins interact in the intima and gives a good size difference scale between the macrophage and lipoprotein sizes.

Video 1:   New Concepts in Lipoprotein Metabolism

Video 2:  Metabolic Origins of Dyslipoproteinemias

Video 3:  Physiology of Lipoprotein Metabolism

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