Lipid and Lipoprotein Metabolism – Short Presentations

This set of short presentations covers part of my main lectures on lipid and lipoprotein metabolism.  Each short video covers a particular  aspect of lipid transport through the body using the analogy of a factory and product delivery system.  These slides accompany the lecture material for Metabolism (5BBB0223) but would be useful as a lipid and lipoprotein review for the MSc Nutrition students (7MNT0004-Principles of Nutrition), Intercalated BSc Nutrition Medical Students (6MNTNP00 – Principles of Nutrition) and Year 3 Nutrition and Dietetics students (6MNT0302 – Applied Nutrition).  Suggestions for additional topics/posts welcome.

Video Presentation Topics:

  1. What are lipoproteins?
  2. What is the exogenous lipid transport?
  3. What is the endogenous lipid transport?
  4. What is the reverse cholesterol transport pathway?
  5. How do the lipid transport pathways relate to each other?
  6. How are lipids released from adipose and used as metabolic fuel in other tissues? 
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