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Five foods that used to be bad for you … but now aren’t Scott Harding, King’s College London Nutritional guidelines and recommendations are constantly changing in the light of new research. It can be difficult to keep up with which

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The 2 X 500 Diet Study – Planning on Starting the 5:2 Diet? Why Not Join Our Study?

We are starting a study which is looking into how much an individuals diet changes when they initially start a fad diet like the “5:2 Diet”. If you have been thinking about starting this diet and would like to volunteer

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Recruiting for a Nutrition Study | BBC: Trust Me I’m A Doctor – Cholesterol Lowering Foods

RESEARCH VOLUNTEERS WANTED BBC: Trust Me I’m A Doctor – Cholesterol Lowering Foods We are recruiting volunteers to take part in a study investigating cholesterol lowering foods, part of which will be filmed as part of the BBC television programme

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Ethics in Science Publishing – Practice that goes beyond dubious

This blog post by the editor-in-chief of the Journal of Human Nutrition and Dietetics, Professor Simon Langley-Evans from the University of Nottingham, is an eye-opener for anyone not familiar with the current practices and behaviours people will attempt in order

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“Superfoods” – Misleading Marketing Term? BBC World Service – The Food Chain

I was interviewed by the BBC World Service – The Food Chain recently for my opinion on the term “superfoods” and my thoughts on some of the foods which have recently been labelled as “superfoods” in the media.  The show touches

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Phytosterols, Blood Fat and Blood Pressure

Does phytosterol consumption reduce postprandial serum triglycerides and blood pressure?   Who are we looking for? We are recruiting male and female individuals between the ages 25-55, who are slightly-to-moderately overweight. What will you have to do?  Stage 1: A screening visit

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Preventing Disease – Not Treating – Should Be Your Goal with Your Health

I was asked by the staff at King’s In Touch Magazine to turn my recent presentation at the Pint of Science 2014 festival in to a “King’s Recommends” style article which has a five items list.  Here is the pre-print version

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