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Recruiting for a Nutrition Study | BBC: Trust Me I’m A Doctor – Cholesterol Lowering Foods

RESEARCH VOLUNTEERS WANTED BBC: Trust Me I’m A Doctor – Cholesterol Lowering Foods We are recruiting volunteers to take part in a study investigating cholesterol lowering foods, part of which will be filmed as part of the BBC television programme

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“Superfoods” – Misleading Marketing Term? BBC World Service – The Food Chain

I was interviewed by the BBC World Service – The Food Chain recently for my opinion on the term “superfoods” and my thoughts on some of the foods which have recently been labelled as “superfoods” in the media.  The show touches

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Preventing Disease – Not Treating – Should Be Your Goal with Your Health

I was asked by the staff at King’s In Touch Magazine to turn my recent presentation at the Pint of Science 2014 festival in to a “King’s Recommends” style article which has a five items list.  Here is the pre-print version

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Gluten free – The magic diet bullet? Some food for thought…

Gluten free – The magic diet bullet? Some food for thought… by guest blog author Rebecca Haskoll   Not so long ago, ‘gluten’ was a word reserved for science books, bakers and those with coeliac disease (CD). CD is an autoimmune reaction

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Setting Dietary Fat Recommendations

This presentation discusses the rationale behind setting dietary fat intake recommendations for a population.  These slides cover why recommendations are needed, examples of dietary fat recommendations from different jurisdictions and the science behind setting fat recommendations with reducing chronic disease

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WHO BMI Database Web App

I have uploaded a quick introduction to the WHO BMI Database for students in MSX204 – Nutrition and Health for Medical Students at King’s College London who are completing their laboratory practicals reports on anthropometry data collection and body composition.

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Dietary Fat Making Headline News

Two major newspapers (The Guardian and The Daily Express) had lead articles today suggesting that high fat consumption is not as bad as once believed, especially in terms of developing cardiovascular diseases.  I personally feel one article was a little

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