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Five foods that used to be bad for you … but now aren’t Scott Harding, King’s College London Nutritional guidelines and recommendations are constantly changing in the light of new research. It can be difficult to keep up with which

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The 2 X 500 Diet Study – Planning on Starting the 5:2 Diet? Why Not Join Our Study?

We are starting a study which is looking into how much an individuals diet changes when they initially start a fad diet like the “5:2 Diet”. If you have been thinking about starting this diet and would like to volunteer

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Gluten free – The magic diet bullet? Some food for thought…

Gluten free – The magic diet bullet? Some food for thought… by guest blog author Rebecca Haskoll   Not so long ago, ‘gluten’ was a word reserved for science books, bakers and those with coeliac disease (CD). CD is an autoimmune reaction

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