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Lipid and Lipoprotein Metabolism – Short Presentations

This set of short presentations covers part of my main lectures on lipid and lipoprotein metabolism.  Each short video covers a particular  aspect of lipid transport through the body using the analogy of a factory and product delivery system.  These

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Introduction to Dietary Fats – Classification, Digestion and Absorption

I have recorded and posted the following three presentations to provide a refresher/summary on dietary fats.  These are targeted towards the year 2 Metabolism students (5BBB0223) who have taken my Lipids and Lipoproteins lectures but may be useful to the

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Setting Dietary Fat Recommendations

This presentation discusses the rationale behind setting dietary fat intake recommendations for a population.  These slides cover why recommendations are needed, examples of dietary fat recommendations from different jurisdictions and the science behind setting fat recommendations with reducing chronic disease

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Thinking of Supplementing With Omega-3’s?

Omega-3 Supplementation – Buyer Beware Are you thinking about starting omega-3 supplements but are unsure what brand or type to purchase?  Well you are not alone. The supplement shelves in the drug and health food stores are filled with products

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